Gold leaf mask x 20


24 carat gold leaf mask to brighten the complexion. 

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The "makanai secret" of Kinpakuya gold leaf workshop: the gold leaf mask to accelerate cell renewal and give the face a radiant glow.

20 gold leaves to massage into the skin as a complexion brightener.


24-karat gold sheets with high adhesion.

24-carat gold is an outstanding antioxidant and cell regenerator, it makes the skin instantly luminous, limits stains and wrinkles. Naturally anti-inflammatory, it stimulates the body's defense capacities against daily oxidative stress (linked to pollution for example).

Tips for use

1) Thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate your skin to remove impurities and dead skin that could block the penetration of gold particles.

2) Moisten your skin with lotion and place the shiny side of the gold leaf on the area you want to brighten.

3) Press the gold leaf against your skin with your fingertips so that the gold adheres to its surface and remove the washi paper backing.

4) Add a few drops of beauty oil or beauty serum on the gold leaf and massage the skin to make all the gold particles penetrate.

5) Store your gold leaves carefully and protect them from humidity. If they are stored open, gold will no longer adhere to the skin.

Bijo's tips

You can cut the gold leaf to target use on areas that need glow: dark circles, cheekbones or scars.

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