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Anti-aging discovery kit

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This Glow up anti-aging care discovery kit contains three of IREN products ;

- FOREVER YOUNG anti-aging serum (5ml)

- SKIN REBOOT antioxidant serum (5ml)

- STAR LIGHT brightening serum (5ml)

These three serums help reduce visible signs of aging, by stimulating collagen production, repairing skin damage and shielding skin from potential hazards. Use them often and you will feel results in the reduction of eye swelling and hyperpigmentation, as well as in the firmness and tone of your skin.


FOREVER YOUNG anti-aging serum

- Goji Berry extract: an ingredient that helps wrinkles reduction and prevents cellular damage.

- 10% argireline peptide: this peptide helps to relax the muscles to inhibit the formation of wrinkles. 

SKIN REBOOT antioxydant serum

- Beetroot extract: a good source of antioxidant that helps the skin to retain moisture and aid in skin renewable.

- 4% caffeine solution: contains soothing and antioxidant properties that can minimize the formation of free radicals and are effective at reducing redness and puffiness.

STAR LIGHT brightening serum

- Yuzu extract: a traditional Japanese ingredient that is naturally energizing and brightening and is more effective in suppressing melanin formation compared to Vitamin C.

- 2% Alpha-Arbutin: a skin brightening and depigmenting agent derived from bearberry, cranberries or blueberries that can improve the appearance of dark spots.


Three serum flasks of 5ml each

How to use

Squeeze the dropper to suck up the serum and dispense it onto your palm. Then, apply it to your face after toning. Use twice a day for best results. Use a single serum or mix up to three serums, depending on your skin's needs.

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