EN Tea

Instant Iced Green Tea


Tea bags of the highest quality green tea cold brewed in 30 seconds for instant enjoyment.

More information
A blend of the highest quality Japanese green teas, "Mizudashi Tea" is designed to be extracted and brewed cold. Ideal for instant enjoyment!

EN Tea's green tea is roasted from 10 different varieties of tea. Very aromatic and easy to extract, it is suitable for low temperature brewing.

Mizudashi Green Tea is also an excellent accompaniment to meals as it contains theanine, a subtle and sweet amino acid that helps to reduce mental and physical stress. It overlays the umami of the meal, enhancing the taste of the food.

EN Tea also contains high levels of epligallocatechin (EGC), a polyphenol contributing to good blood circulation and maintenance of the cardiovascular system.

The Yuzu peels of different sizes from Kochi Prefecture blended to the green tea accentuate the fresh aroma of Yuzu and give it a long flavour. Yuzu green tea is easy to drink, even for non-tea lovers.

Green tea blended with Sansho (Japanese pepper) grown naturally in the mountains of Wakayama Prefecture. Green tea with Sansho has a refreshing taste which reminds us that Sansho is a citrus fruit.


Green tea :

Green tea of Japanese production.

Green tea with Yuzu :

Green tea of Japanese production, Yuzu peel from Kochi prefecture.

Green tea with Sansho :

Green tea of Japanese production, Sansho from Wakayama prefecture.

Capacity and quantity
Green tea/yuzu/sansho alone :
Tea bags of 5g (x7 pieces).

Bottle and green tea set/Yuzu/Sansho :
100% Recyclable plastic tea bottle, linen bag with storage cord (26x34cm), 7 Green tea/Yuzu/Sansho tea bags of 5g.

Preparation tips
Put a tea bag in 500ml of water and shake for 30 seconds.
Shake less for a refreshing taste, shake more for a pronounced taste.
Or let it brew for 2 hours, then shake well before enjoying.

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Un thé vert d'exception

Un thé vert qui pour le coup en bouteille est de couleur verte ce qui est rare . Il est très bon et rafraîchissant. Mes invités on beaucoup apprécié cette petite pause rafraîchissante

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