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Nail Buffer

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4 sides to polish the nails


Main part: polyester
Polisher: ceramic


75 × 29 × 24mm

More information

This nail buffer is the ideal accessory for polishing your nails.

Used for preparation, it removes bumps and impurities before applying your treatment (side 1 and 2).

Used in finishing, it brings shine to your nails for natural and elegant nails (side 3 and 4). 

You can also use it as a touch-up to restore shine to your nail polish.

This nail buffer has a large polishing surface in contact with the nail and a flexible center for an ideal flexibility, so there is no need to press too hard. 

One package contains two polishers.

Tips for use

Polish your nails in the order shown:  start with the rougher side (1 or 2), then go to the moderate rough side (3) and finish polishing with the side with the finest grain (4).

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