Renowned for its naturalness and efficiency, the Japanese Skincare. Certainly invites itself in our concept store, through high-quality beauty facilities and beauty accessories from Japanese and specialized Japanese brands.

With Bijo; Paris, then transform your beauty routine and offer the best to your skin in terms of hydration and sensoriality, for exceptional moments in the bathroom.

Take care of your face with delicacy and refinement thanks to our fine selection of Japanese products

You can discover the purity and authenticity of Japanese lifestyle, this is our daily ambition. This involves in particular the development of brands and facial care of Japanese origin often overlooked by the general international public. Japanese cosmetics, however, is addressed to a large number of individuals, insofar as it favors simple and natural formulations which do good to all skins, to sensitive skin.

THE Japanese facials are inclusive, they avoid aggressive and sensitizing ingredients and respect the fragility and sensitivity of the skin. Both effective and innovative, high -end cosmetics selected by us are also accompanied by a sophisticated design, up to their excellent quality.

Morning and evening, make all the stages of your beauty routine using our multiple references of Japanese facial care signed by niche brands with high potential. Clean your skin on the surface with our makeup remover, our cleaners, our lotions and our toners, then in depth with our exfoliants.

Then hydrate your epidermis with our masks, our Japanese species and our day creams. Also meet the targeted needs of your skin thanks to our serums, our vegetable oils, our anti -wrinkle creams and our solar creams.

Also think of our Japanese beauty tools to complete your facial care and live a tenfold sensory experience. Our Konjac sponges, our cleaning brushes, our massage devices and our Gua Sha promises you a most pleasant wellness break for each use in front of the mirror.

Some good practices for a successful facial

Many beauty secrets transmitted from generation to generation in Japan. Bijo; Paris gives you some Precious advice inspired by Japanese skincare To help you take care of your face in the best conditions.

Daily facial massages are your best allies. Giving flexibility to the skin does not only depend on the facial treatments used: put in particular on a beauty roller or a gua sha to stimulate your epidermis and maximize the effects of the active ingredients contained in the care applied on your face before massage.

Do not forget the lotion in your facial care rituals. Lotions and toners are among the essentials in Japanese beauty routines. They prepare the skin brilliantly by rebalancing its pH and its sebum level, for a skin texture visibly refined over time.

Finally, adopt the vegetable oil on your face. More popular than micellar water in Japan, cleansing oil is particularly respectful of skin health. It contributes as a bonus to the hydration and protection of the epidermis in the face of external aggressions as a perfectly versatile care, on the model of many Japanese facials.