Hand care

Hand care

Constantly stressed and exposed to external aggressions, Our hands deserve the best care made in japan, between natural formulas, proven efficiency and tenfold sensoriality.

Our exclusive range of Japanese hand care helps you pamper your daily nails and hands, time for a high quality beauty break in the bathroom.

Take advantage of the virtues of Japanese cosmetics to the tips of the nails with hand care in the spotlight at Bijo; Paris

Japanese care embodies the perfect alliance between respecting traditions and the power of innovation. Particularly recognized and acclaimed for their moisturizing action, they therefore naturally invite themselves into our nails and hands care rituals.

Hydration is indeed a stage of care not to be overlooked to preserve the health and beauty of our hands. Summer and winter, this highly fragile part of our body and our skin thus requires regular hydration in the face of pollution, heat, cold and all manual activities likely to weaken our hands more.

The drought of the hands is also a pmajor reoccupation in the Skincare field. Products selected by Bijo; With Japanese niche brands offer a concrete response to all the needs of your nails and your hands. They promise you at the same time incomparable comfort and pleasure of use. Hydrate, protect, treat, embellish: your skin and nails are in good hands with the care and accessories signed Bizen, Cokon Lab, Kobako, Shaquda, Suwada or UKA. 

Compose your ideal hand care routine thanks to our 100% Japanese beauty products

All the cosmetics and beauties you need to take care of your hands are available on our site. Let yourself be guided by our precious advice to adopt the rituals of a Japanese true and have beautiful hands as well as healthy nails.

Start your hand care routine with one of the nail clippers of our selection, which all ensure a maximum cutting. Continue the maintenance of your nails with a cuticle or a good quality cuticle pliers, then use the oval or square file of your choice, in accordance with the nature of your nails, to perfect the result.

Then clean your skin and nails with solid bizen soap with rice ferments. Not only reserved for hand washing, this hygiene and care product is also used on the face and the whole body, in the shower or in front of the bathroom mirror.

Finally, strengthen your pretty nails using the UKA nail iles. The Japanese brand has developed a care oil for each moment of the day between “7:15 am” and “24:45”. Using the concept of these iconic oils, the ultra-nourishing hand creams of the UKA house allow you to gently massage your hands from morning to night, enough to access ultimate well-being at "1:00 pm" as at "6.30 pm".