Body care

Taking care of your body is an essential beauty and well-being gesture throughout the year. Japanese body care effectively and accurately responds to hygiene and body care needs, which is why we offer an exclusive selection of Made in Japan products to apply from head to toe.

Japanese cosmetics invites itself into your bathroom with body care of the Bijo catalog; Paris

Japan manages to assert its singularity in the world of cosmetics by designing both natural, effective, authentic and cutting -edge care products. The sophistication of body care put in the spotlight in our concept store certainly proves that Japanese skincare embodies the past as much as the future and the present, between ancestral recipes, strong capacity for innovation and ultra trendy minimalist design.

From morning to evening, Japanese body treatments selected by our team promise you a unique experience in the shower or in front of the bathroom mirror. Trust their excellent quality to clean, hydrate, protect and beautify your skin in the best conditions.

Unname a body treatment for each stage of your beauty routine through our catalog in the colors of Japan

At Bijo, body care is targeted care. They provide an optimal response to the concerns of consumers and demanding consumers, between hydration needs and the search for a physical and spiritual balance.

Thus, Japanese silk washing gels Cokon Lab and UKA shower gels will be the privileged partners of your body hygiene. Vegetable oils and essential oils with sweet perfume make up this Japanese body treatments, enough to shower a real moment of pleasure on a daily basis. Also discover Waphyto's special hygiene collection on our site, in order to gently clean and hydrate the most sensitive and delicate areas of your body.

Hydration is also one of the essential body care rituals for visibly more beautiful and durably healthier skin. Cokon Lab Japanese silk lotions and UKA body oils perfectly complete the washing action of the shower gels of these creative and innovative Japanese brands, bringing the right dose of hydration to your skin. UKA hand creams hydrate and sublimate nails and hands through a highly sensory formula.

Also think of our range of Japanese beauty tools to do good for your body. Shaquda body brushes, for example, transform your habits in the shower or in the bath. The gentle version in goat hair is ideally suitable for sensitive skin and the fragile skin of children, while the hard version with mixed hair facilitates the elimination of sebum and deep cleaning of the epidermis.

Finally, learn to listen to your body sensations to take care of it thanks to the synergies of essential oils formulated by Shigeta. Between breathing, energy and lightness, these cocktails of benefits will make sense of the adage "a healthy spirit in a healthy body".