Having beautiful, healthy and resistant hair is a dream come true thanks to Japanese hair care. Working effectively at the service of the health and beauty of your hair and your scalp, these products undoubtedly invite Japanese lifestyle in Western bathrooms. 

Chez Bijo; Paris, they are available in the form of shampoos, d ’conditioner And other targeted treatments intended to clean, protect, hydrate and enhance all hair without exception. In this way, in the confidence of Japanese beauty secrets by adopting the pretty references from our range of hair products.

Give the best Japanese care to your hair with Bijo;

Music by the conviction that Japanese cosmetics is a real example of quality and innovation internationally, we find exceptional care and beauty tools for you through the catalog of niche brands of Japanese origin. So, The hair care of our selection promise you all the benefits of Japanese skincare, thanks to the alliance of a composition predominantly natural to ultra -technological manufacturing processes.

Beyond a minimalist and refined design, hair care available in our concept stores are also characterized by optimal efficiency and addictive sensoriality. They therefore ideally meet the requirements of consumers and consumers concerned with comfort and the pleasure of using the products that make up their care rituals.

Sustainably transform your hair routine with our hair care made in japan

Each of our beauty and well-being discoveries has the potential necessary to change your habits in the bathroom. This is particularly the case for Kobako, Love Chrome, UKA or Waphyto hair care and accessories that expand our catalog in the colors of Japan.

On the hair care side, first get to know the Waphyto shampoo. With 75% ingredients from natural plants, a delicate fragrance guaranteed by a mixture of 100% natural essential oils and a silicone -free formula, this cleansing treatment brilliantly embodies the excellence of Japanese cosmetics. It is used alone or in pairs with the Waphyto conditioner, for hair visibly hydrated and reinforced over the use.

We also offer a hair care routine signed UKA on our site. Scalp Cleansing To purify the scalp, shampoo to strengthen and wake up the hair at the root, treating treatment to feed the hair fiber, protective oil to cope with moisture or UV: make your selection in harmony with the needs of Your hair for results up to all your expectations.

On the Beauty Tools side, take pleasure in brushing or combing your beautiful hair on a daily basis, using brushes and Kobako and Love Chrome High -quality combes in Bijo;. Let yourself be convinced by the benefits of UKA acupressure brushes to clean and massage your scalp gently in the shower, in collaboration with hair care imagined by this resolutely innovative Japanese house.