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To be brilliant in everyday health and beauty, your hair notably deserves a Exceptional shampoo, to choose for his Mixture of ingredients of natural origin. Japanese shampoos honored on our e-shop will perfectly complement Your haircare routine If you are looking for care that respects your hair and innovative fiber.

Discover the Made in Japan shampoos unearthed by our team for your well-being in the bathroom.

Clean your hair gently with a Japanese shampoo with multiple benefits

If the shampoo is above all a washing product, the Japanese shampoo is also defined as A treating treatment. In addition to cleaning hair and scalp and eliminating impurities and excess sebum, it also exercises a moisturizing, softening or sheathing action As part of a natural, healthy and complete hair routine.

Honor to the ingredients present in nature, the Japanese shampoo is actually based on ancestral recipes associated with advanced technologies, hence its singularity in the landscape of hair products. 100% natural essential oils reveal for example their soothing virtues, while amino acids are there Present to maintain keratin production of our hair.

Amino acids are more than 80% of the hair fiber. They therefore have their place in a high quality shampoo. If they are among the ingredients stars many Japanese shampoos, it is because they play a key role in the protection, reconstruction and hair growth.

Conversely, Say goodbye to silicone, in the paraben, with synthetic perfumes and other artificial components with the Japanese shampoo: guaranteed without superfluous ingredients, it will only offer the necessary for your hair, which will be cleaner, soft and silky over time.

Fall for the sensoriality of Japanese shampoos available at Bijo; Paris

Have you ever heard of Uka or Waphyto? These two niche brands embody Excellence of facial care, Japanese bodily and capillary, this is why they are notably represented through our collection of Japanese shampoos. Thanks to Bijo;, bet on a UKA or Waphyto shampoo to take care of your hair in the best way in the shower.

Then adopt a 100% UKA or Waphyto hair routine on our site, according to your desires. For example, take your sights on the “Nighty Night Shampoo” Uka with 15 amino acids, to associate with the “Nighty Night Treatment” of the same range to nourish, smooth and strengthen your hair in a healthy and lasting way.

Also choose the “nurture” shampoo by Waphyto, a washing and treating product enriched with essential oils, vitamins as well as ingredients of Japanese origin, like Japanese calendula, mulberry leaves, tiger herbs and tiger herbs and tiger herbs and tiger herbs and tiger herbs and tiger herbs and tiger herbs of the sagebrush. With him, enjoy a purified scalp And shiny hair with each use, in accordance with all your requirements. For even more results, also test the various hair care of the brand, from the Post-Shampoing to the lotion for the scalp and milk for the hair.