Japanese serums

Sometimes little known and often little used, serum is nevertheless one of our skin's privileged beauty allies. Thanks to Bijo; Paris, adopt a serum made in Japan in your daily skincare routine, enough to take care of your face in optimal conditions.

We thus deliver to you the secrets of Japanese serums, between hydration, anti-aging action and anti-imperfections effect.

The serum, an irreplaceable targeted treatment in Japanese skincare

In the vast world of cosmetics, serum stands out for its high concentration of active ingredients, which certainly justifies its effectiveness according to the specific needs of your skin. Some serums contain up to 70% active ingredients, against approximately 10% only for a classic day cream.

With such a concentrated formulation, the serum is therefore used with parsimony daily. A few drops are enough to see positive effects over time when your Japanese serum is combined with care rituals that respect your skin and its particular concerns.

Applied before your favorite moisturizer, your Japanese serum will also reinforce the action of the latter on your skin and will act more deeply, in harmony with your dermatological problems to be treated. Result: the benefits of the active ingredients will be visible more quickly and longer-lasting on your skin.

In Japan, the serum is formulated from ingredients of mainly plant origin, with the greatest respect for the skin and the environment. Choose a Japanese serum with complete confidence from our concept store to enhance your skin without compromising on its health and comfort.

Discover the Japanese serums in our catalog, between ancestral traditions and cosmetic innovation

At Bijo;, we like to unearth new gems among the exceptional treatments from Japanese niche brands. Serums are no exception on our site: signed EN, IREN, Makanai, Ruhaku or even Shigeta, they undoubtedly concentrate the best of Japanese know-how in terms of skincare.

Moisturizing, soothing, exfoliating, firming, anti-aging, anti-imperfections, anti-inflammatory: find the ideal serum for your skin and let yourself be captivated by the sensory experience promised by each of the serums highlighted by our team . From classic aqueous or oily serums to vitamin-enriched essences, our collection of Japanese serums definitely adapts to all desires and needs.

For example, set your sights on a Japanese serum IREN to use on your entire face to meet your skin's requirements morning and evening. You can also use an EN essence to apply as a serum to targeted areas of your face or to mix with another facial treatment. Want to test several products? Also favor the targeted IREN discovery kits or the Beauty & Well-being box by Bijo; in order to benefit from a nice overview of the quality, reliability and sensoriality of Japanese cosmetics.

With our Japanese serums, combine business with pleasure in the bathroom. Also consider Makanai’s “Skin Jewel Oil Serum” treatment with 24-carat gold leaf to pamper your skin according to the rules of the art.