Japanese face cleansers

When you wake up or at the end of the day, cleaning your face is a ritual not to be overlooked For the health and beauty of your skin. Thanks to Bijo; Paris, adopt the ideal facial care routine, by focusing exclusively on natural, sensory and effective products in the bathroom.

The Japanese face cleaners honored through our e-shop offer you an incomparable experience and pleasure of use, thus proving the comforting, soothing and benefactors of the Japanese skincare.

Clean your skin gently with the Japanese face cleaner

Washing your face is more than a beauty gesture. It is first of all a hygiene principle, insofar as impurities, such as pollution particles, regularly accumulate on the surface of the skin. In pairs with a clean water rinse, the daily application of a face cleaner then guarantees the cleanliness and freshness of your skin.

And what could be better than Japanese products to take care of your skin? Centered on naturality, technological innovation and sensoriality, cosmetics made in Japan are based on ancestral recipes perfected in harmony with the requirements of contemporary consumers. This is particularly the case Japanese face cleaners, which present themselves as care rich in ingredients of natural origin and in skin benefits.

Bijo; presents a thin selection of facial cleaners, to use morning and evening to enjoy a feeling of ultimate comfort.

Niche from niche brands of Japanese origin, these high quality products with sophisticated design promise you a simple go to Tokyo or Kanagawa, where beauty is synonymous with authenticity.

Rhyme care and well-being on a daily basis with the facial cleaners in our catalog

In order to Clean your face in the best conditions, Create a minimalist routine but made up of perfectly complementary care products. Choose one of the solid bizen or cokon lab soaps of our e-shop, to be favored for their washing action and their sustainability. Also bet a Japanese face cleaner according to the needs of your skin.

Makanai, Rey Tokyo or Waphyto cleansing foams contribute to cleaning, hydrating, sofering and illuminating your face, for a result of the most beautiful effect after each use.

If you are a follower of makeup, use them in pairs with one of the face makeup remover in, Bizen, Ruhaku or Waphyto of our selection, for a double cleaning up to all your expectations. In the balm, oil, milk or gel version, these makeup remover adapts to all skin types, to mature and sensitive skin.

Because your skin also deserves the best of Japanese beauty tools, also discover our range of Konjac sponges, cleansing brushes and exfoliating silk cocoons among our exceptional references for cleaning your face. Want to take care of your face like a professional? Go to the upper step with the most signed Ya-Man photo processing device, a little technology gem ideally designed to fight against the first signs of age.