Japanese skincare mask

An ideal beauty routine consists of daily and weekly rituals. With Japanese face masks, offer a deep and regular care to your skin as part of a well -deserved self -core break.

With Bijo; Paris, fall for a face for the formulated face In the greatest respect for Japanese traditions, between naturality, technology and sensoriality, and take care of your skin in accordance with its needs: hydration, nutrition, protection, purification, etc. 

The Japanese face mask, an exceptional treatment at the service of the beauty of your skin

On a daily basis, targeted treatments allow you to clean, hydrate, protect and clean up your skin, from day to day and exfoliant.

Specially designed to deal with specific concerns, the face mask is part of cosmetic products to be included in your skincare Weekly (BI) routine, depending on the reference chosen and your skin type.

With a mask for the Japanese face, do good to your skin with all serenity: the ingredients of natural origin and the processes of manufacturing this care made in japan are respectful of all epiderms. The extracts of plants and fruits as well as the essential oils which enter their composition guarantee their effectiveness and help you to take care of your skin gently, in harmony with the benefits of the resources offered by nature.

Most often designed in the form of fabric masks, the Japanese face masks promise you a resolutely pleasant sensory experience in the bathroom, centered both on smell and touch.

Pamper your skin with our collection of japanese face masks

The Bijo team; has selected high quality face masks for you through the catalog of Japanese niche brands. Bi; juice, lululun, makanai, mitomo, ruhaku : specialists in Japanese cosmetics, these brands will become your best allies to reveal the beauty of your skin.

Make the Lululun fabric fabric masks infused with a serum fabric to take advantage of an anti-aging, moisturizing or balancing action, depending on the requirements of your skin.

At Mitomo, japanese face masks are carefully Made from bamboo fiber And enriched in essences and active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, for intense hydration and/or an antioxidant effect at the height of all your expectations.

Looking for a high -end Japanese face mask? Succumb to the preciousness of the 24K gold leaf masks signed Makanai to illuminate your complexion optimally. Also discover the Makanai “Golden Duo” composed of a mask and a beauty-beauty oil with gold leaves for a luxury routine in front of the mirror.

Also set your sights on a bijo box; Paris to adopt 100% Japanese care rituals. Hydrating masks for the face at the Gua Sha in semi-precious stone, our boxes will introduce you brilliantly to the Asian beauty secrets of yesterday, today and tomorrow.