Japanese lotions

Suitable for all skin types, lotion is a real ally for your daily epidermis. According to its formulation, it is accompanied by cleaning, moisturizing and softening virtues, in perfect harmony with the needs of your skin.

Synonymous with naturalness and technological innovation, Japanese lotion embodies excellence of the care made in japan. Discover our collection of Japanese lotions to take care of the skin of your face with confidence throughout the year.

The application of a lotion, an essential beauty gesture in a Japanese inspiration routine

Composed of active water and ingredients, the Japanese lotion is undoubtedly a soft care for the skin of the face. The one called "tonic" in French -speaking and "toner" countries in English -speaking countries plays 3 major roles in a daily beauty routine.

In the morning, the lotion is the first of our care rituals in the bathroom. Use it After having previously cleaned and refreshed your face with clear water to eliminate the accumulation of sebum, perspiration and impurities at the end of your sleep night.

In the evening, the lotion completes the action of our cleaning and makeup remover products. It thus eliminates make -up residues and impurities, for optimal facial cleaning. In all circumstances, the Japanese lotion prepares the skin to receive Care of a routine skincare as effective as it is sensory. Thanks to a tonic lotion rich in ingredients of natural and vegetable origin, the skin of your face then fully benefits from the active ingredients contained in your favorite moisturizing, soothing and protective treatments.

Find the Japanese lotion ideal for your skin through the Bijo catalog; Paris

The team of our concept store has concocted a Fine selection of lotions to the clean formulation and minimalist design, which she carefully unearthed from Japanese niche brands, like bi; juice, ki, in, makanai, ruhaku and waphyto.

The Japanese moisturizing lotions honored on our e-shop thus promise you a foolproof sensoriality, in accordance with the quality requirements of Japanese cosmetics. Succumb for example to the versatility of the “moisturizing flash with yuzu” lotion signed in, a care for moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-pigmentary action, or for the freshness and youth effect of the hydrating and regenerating Ruhaku lotion with sea salt and Okinawa sea grapes.

In the form of a serum, the "Regena serum lotion" of Waphyto also guarantees you in -depth hydration thanks to active ingredients such as the extract of yoshino cherry leaves, the Suizenji alga and the noni juice. Also find it in the Waphyto discovery set, a kit made up of 4 miniature treatments and generous samples to test what will perhaps become your favorite treatment routine.

In the same way, the “Hybrid hydrating serum lotion Matcha; yuzu ”of bi; juice is to be discovered alone or within our beauty box; Special well-being Japanese care. Adopt it for its 2-in-1 formula, halfway between the serum and the tonic lotion, and for its natural fragrance in total adequacy with the codes of Japanese beauty.