Hair oils

Ultra precious hair care, Japanese oil undoubtedly counts among the best Asian beauty secrets.

Guaranteeing the health and beauty of your hair, Japanese hair oil will undoubtedly become your ally in the bathroom. Thanks to Bijo;, then bet on an effective, sensory and refined treatment, for resplendent hair throughout the year.

Japanese hair oil, natural and innovative treatment for healthy and sublimated hair

One thing is certain: Japanese hair oil is full of virtues. On the surface, it brings shine and flexibility to our hair. In depth, it revitalizes our hair fiber and nourishes our scalp as much as our hair as much. Real protective barrier, high quality hair oil also prevents humidity loss, for hair always properly hydrated.

Carefully developed from ingredients of natural origin, Japanese hair oil is a treatment respectful of hair and the environment. Heavy technologies also allow it to be a hair product of great reliability, halfway between ancestral tradition and modernity. Guarantee Without harmful substances, Japanese hair oil treats your hair gently, in accordance with all your requirements.

For soft, shiny and silky hair, get into the habit of applying Japanese hair oil after each shampoo. Focus on lengths and tips for an optimal result, gently massaging your hair to make the care penetrate well. With a good hair oil, in short give priority to the tone, the radiance and resistance of your hair.

Fall for an exceptional Japanese hair oil through the Bijo catalog; Paris

Signed by niche brands like Uka, the hair oils of our concept store embody Ideally, Japanese know-how in cosmetic products and hair care. With them, take care of your hair with confidence and in all serenity, in harmony with the needs linked to your nature and your hair type.

Açai, Argan, Moringa: a mixture of precious vegetable oils justifies the excellent sensoriality of UKA hair oils, which naturally find their place in a healthy, natural and complete haircare. Rich in amino acids, which constitute more than 80% of the hair fiber, Açai oil Help to repair hair weakened by external aggressions of cold, pollution and unsuitable treatments. Compound essential fatty acids And antioxidants, argan oil nourishes and regenerates the hair fiber. Both sheathing and strengthening, Moringa oil finally helps to redefine the curls of textured hair and soothing itching of dry with very dry.

At UKA, each hair oil is formulated to respond to a specific concern. While the "Rainy Walk" oil Protects humidity, the “Windy Lady” treatment fights against capillary dehydration and the two -phase mist “Girls on the Beach” protects the hair fiber and the scalp of UV rays. On our e-shop, adopt thus Perfect Japanese hair oil To easily pamper your hair.