Japanese Exfoliants

Exfolling is eliminating the superficial layers of the epidermis. Bet held with Japanese exfoliants of our selection, exceptional care that meets all our criteria in terms of quality, reliability and design.

Discover our collection of exfoliants and targeted accessories, to adopt to take care of your skin in the best conditions, in accordance with beauty secrets made in Japan.

Exfoliation, an essential care ritual in Japanese skincare

Facial care is at Heart of Asian cosmetics, from Japan to Korea. Exfoliation is particularly part of the major stages of a complete and effective beauty routine, hence the many Japanese exfoliars formulated in harmony with the needs and specificities of the skin of the face.

Born from cell renewal, the need for exfoliation of our epidermis cannot do without care products and adapted beauty tools. Dead cells accumulate on the surface of our skin. Result: our skin is dull and our pores are obstructed. Thus, if exfoliation is accompanied by aesthetic effects, it also contributes to the maintenance of the health of our skin, for example by limiting the risks of imperfections and rashes.

Real boost for our epidermis, the Japanese exfoliant invites natural ingredients and technological processes in its composition, ensuring this fact Efficiency and sensoriality up to all requirements. Holding all its promises, it leaves our skin soft, clear and bright after each use in the bathroom.

Unlike cleaning and hydration, exfoliation is not a daily beauty gesture. Sensitive and mature skin can even be limited to A scrub every 15 days, while oily skins can go as far as 2 exfoliants per week. In case of normal to mixed skin, apply your Japanese exfoliant 1 to 2 times a week on your face to fully enjoy its guaranteed good -looking effect.

Use the perfect Japanese exfoliant with Bijo; Paris

Specializing in the search for nuggets from Japan, our team has selected products for you exfoliants and high -end beauty tools, enough to exfoliate your face in style in front of the mirror.

Available in the form of serums, essences, gels and make -up removal oils, Japanese exfoliants honored on our site easily integrate into a quality care routine. Bet in particular on the non-abrasive mild exfoliant of the Ipsum Alii brand, a skin-respecting treatment with anti-inflammatory properties, or choose the essence of AHA fermented in, a product with incomparable exfoliating and hydrating properties.

Also set your sights on accessories signed Cokon Lab, Makanai, Shaquda or Bijo; Paris. Exfoliating brush, konjac sponge, silk cocoons: these authentic Japanese tools are ideally associated with exfoliating care in our catalog, for a singular sensory experience during all your facial scrubs. Visibly healthier and radiant, your skin will now reveal the best of itself thanks to these innovative references, a reflection of the excellence of modern Japanese cosmetics.