Japanese makeup remover

If makeup removal is an essential ritual to clean, clean up and embellish your skin, it also defines itself as an excellent moment of relaxation and well-being in the bathroom.

With Bijo; Paris, (re) discover the excellence of Japanese care and beauty products to make up your best conditions on a daily basis, choosing your Face makeup remover among our references made in japan.

Invite the secrets of Japanese skincare to your makeup routine

Taking care of your face on the Japanese model is to give priority to natural, authentic and healthy beauty products and healthy gestures.

When you make up your eyes and your face, you limit your skin's breathing in particular, but on the contrary encourage the accumulation of impurities and particles of pollution on the surface of your epidermis.

This is the reason why Removal is an essential gesture to health and the beauty of your skin. However, the choice of your makeup remover necessarily influences your experience in front of the bathroom mirror.

Thus, the Japanese face make -up certainly does honor to nature, with a high concentration in ingredients of plant origin, even of biological origin. Its sensoriality also counts among its many advantages, insofar as the Japanese cosmetic industry mainly favors essential oils to flavor its care products in a natural and resolutely pleasant way.

If you like to make up, you will learn how to adore to make up your makeup thanks to the Japanese face makeup remover!

Discover our pretty range of Japanese faces for the face

At Bijo;, the face makeup is signed in, Makanai, Ruhaku or Waphyto, niche brands Specialized in Japanese cosmetics. It is available in different forms, between balm, oil, milk and cleansing gel, enough to satisfy all the desires and all the requirements in terms of skincare.

Then select your new favorite face makeup remover according to the needs of your skin.

Trust in particular the 5 -in 1 in 1 cleansing balm if you have dry skin. At the same time makeup removal, cleanser, massage product and beauty mask, it also contributes to the elimination of dead skin and in short promises an incomparable feeling of comfort in each use.

Removing milk is also addressed to dry skin, as well as sensitive and mature skin, with its characteristic soft and comforting texture. In Makanai, for example, it is macadamia oil, carthame oil and hectorite clay that purify and soften the skin on a daily basis. The “clean cleaning” cleansing milk make up by the Japanese brand is ideally used in pairs with the foaming cleaner “Moisturizing Clean” of the same brand, for optimal double cleaning of your face before going to bed.

Removing oil is suitable for mixed skins, in addition to sensitive and dry skin. With her, say goodbye to makeup, impurities and excess sebum. Enriched with AHAs from botanical extracts in Ruhaku, it subtly illuminates your face after application and rinsing.

Rich in plant ingredients signatures and ultra hydrating active ingredients in Waphyto, it effectively removes the face and eyes, while preserving the natural hydrolipidic film of the skin. Also find the "Regna" oil in the special facial care Waphyto set, to (to be offered for a first initiation to Japanese beauty rituals.

Removal freezing is finally established as the ally of normal to mixed skins. This is the case of the Cleanser "Matcha 2 in 1" bi; juice, which cleanses, hydrates, nourishes and protects the skin, thanks to the antioxidant power of ingredients such as the leaves of Camellia sinensis.