Moisturising day creams

Specialist beauty products made in japan, our concept store never lacks an opportunity to make you (re) discover Japanese care combining authenticity, naturalness and technology.

Our selection of Japanese face creams helps you rhyme Skincare routine and well-being on a daily basis. Then set your sights on the perfect day treatment to pamper your skin in the rules of the art.

Take care of your Japanese face with a natural and innovative day cream

Not only moisturizing and nourishing, Japanese day creams are full of benefits For the skin of our face. Formulated from a maximum of ingredients of natural origin and enriched with active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, these exceptional cosmetic products will help you magnify your skin over the use.

With a Japanese face cream, say gradually Farewell to the skin drought. Used as part of a daily routine, this day cream will bring a fair dose of hydration to your skin, for maximum comfort throughout the day.

Guaranteeing the softness and flexibility of your epidermis in all circumstances, the Japanese face cream will also protect your skin from small imperfections and other unsightly redness, especially caused by a lack of hydration.

A real barrier against the external aggressions of heat, cold and pollution, the Japanese face cream stands out as your best beauty ally throughout the year. Also bet on it to delay the signs of skin aging and reveal your interior youth even in the smallest corners of your face and your neck.

Massage your skin gently when applying your day cream for optimal penetration and moisturizer.

Succumb to the efficiency and sensoriality of the Japanese face creams honored at Bijo; Paris

Signed in, Makanai, Ruhaku, Shigeta or Waphyto, Japanese face creams selected by our team promise you a most bewitching experience in the bathroom. If their ultra -design packaging already reveals their quality, their natural composition definitively confirms their excellence.

Giving pride of place to vegetable oils, aloe vera, calendula extract as well as essential oils, these Japanese day creams will allow you to take care of your face gently in the morning.

Some Japanese brands also have Ingredients signatures With incomparable virtues, like Gettou extract at Ruhaku, for even more singular care rituals.

Then adopt an ultra moisturizing or nourishing Japanese face cream on our site, in harmony with the needs of your skin. Available in several formats, the creams available at Bijo; undoubtedly lend themselves to all desires.

Looking for a targeted care? Fall in this case for an eye contour cream, a BB cream or sun protection: day creams in our catalog benefit all skins And in short, adapt to all selfcare requirements.