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Heart shaped terahertz guasha


The Heart shaped terahertz GuaSha is a massage tool made from high-quality terahertz crystals. It utilizes the power of ancient massage techniques to stimulate circulation, increase lymphatic drainage, and reduce inflammation. 

Terahertz crystals emit a unique frequency that penetrates deep into the skin, promoting cellular regeneration and restoring balance to the body's energy systems.

Regular use of GuaSha in terahertz can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, improve skin texture and tone, and give it a healthy glow. It is an ideal complement to the daily skincare routine. 

More information

Terahertz is a mineral created by humans by extracting silica from quartz and sand. Japanese scientists have discovered that this mineral naturally emits a powerful far-infrared wavelength, called the Terahertz wave, known to be deeply beneficial.

Facial massage with a Gua Sha offers numerous benefits for the skin:

Stimulates circulation

Increases lymphatic drainage

Relieves tension

Improves texture and appearance of wrinkles and fine lines


100 % terahertz stone

Tips for use

The Terahertz GuaSha is simple and easy to use. Start by applying your favorite face oil or serum on clean skin.

Then, gently slide the GuaSha tool over your face and neck, applying light pressure to stimulate blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage.

The smooth and curved edges of the tool are perfect for sculpting facial contours, reducing puffiness and dark circles, and promoting a youthful and radiant complexion.

Usage Precautions

Do not use on open wounds • Do not use if allergic to metals


Can be used with skincare oils and creams. Can be used cold. Rinse the tool gently with water after each use. It can be dried with a soft microfiber cloth. Terahertz is a fragile stone, so it is recommended to store it in a dry and safe place.


By using traditional Gua Sha massage techniques, the tool can be used in two ways:

1). In its natural state to activate blood circulation.

2). After being placed in a bowl of ice to transform it into a cryogenic massage tool and reduce inflammation.

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