TOBALI - contemporary perfume house

Japanese perfume house founded in Tokyo in 2017, TOBALI embodies a deep Japanese concept : the hidden beauty. Each olfactory creation contains and conceals a delicate heart of incense, created 1000 years ago by the Emperor Nimyo.


Hiding appeal inside leads to sublimation

In opposition to the appeal of a gaudy radiance like the sun or light, this is a mysterious beauty, like phantoms of the moon or shadows. Rather than the rich sounds of an orchestra, it provides an exaltation like the minimalistic rhythm of mechanical sounds. It leaves an impression deep in the brain, like a movie that avoids a clear depiction of subsequent events, going out with reverberations rather than a happy ending. It creates its own quiet world, like a single flower vase placed in a room, rather than a garden filled with brilliantly colored blossoms.

Lust that oozes out from within; strength when elegantly repressing emotions; quiet emotions concealed within a sidelong glance. “Hidden beauty” has the appeal of bringing creativity to knowledge and stimulating new thoughts

A thousand-year-old incense

The japanese art of enjoying fragrance has been part of the culture for more than 1100 years. The Imperial family and nobles family of the court were devoting their fortunes into competing for the ultimate fragrance. The story of the legendary fragrance “Jowa no Onimashime”(“The Binding of Jowa”) is the most famous of all. Formulated by Emperor Ninmyo (810 - 850), it is said to have given off a truly wonderful scent, that has been passed down.

Tobali Eau de parfum

In order to express the hidden beauty of Japan by obtaining the “core of the most appealing fragrance”, TOBALI recreated a modern Jōwa no Onimashime and uses it as the core fragrance of its contemporary creations. The woody, powdery and floral olfactory worlds that conceal this extraordinary perfume are inspired by famous Japanese people and sacred places that embody hidden beauty.

TOBALI scented candles

Through the concepts of zenitude, calm and shadows, TOBALI scented candles embody an olfactory path to hidden beauty. A deep breath of the fragrance “Zen” calms the heart, with the sublimation of one’s appeal leading to the realization of “hidden beauty”. The moon and shadow-like aroma of “hidden beauty” was named “Fragrance of Shadows”.

White melody

In Japan, white has come to be considered a sacred color, and the most supreme one

Since ancient times, white clothing has been worn by the servants of the gods and white animals have been revered as avatars of the gods. The sacred wine is concealed in white bottles, wrapped in white paper, and poured into white vessels to be offered to the gods.

The contrast of white and white conceals white amid white. White boxes, white vessels, white Japanese paper, white lettering. An expression created by combinations of different white materials.

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