Japanese Beauty and Lifestyle Selection for your Year-End Gifts

Gift-giving culture holds a fundamental place in Japan. From the Omiyage, a locally made product brought back from a trip, to the Temiyage intended for the host of a dinner party, the occasions are so frequent that the art of giving has gradually become a full-fledged culture in Japan.  

This way, twice a year, at the end of the year and in early summer, it is customary to give gifts to people to whom we feel grateful as a way to thank them. From mid-November to late December, Japanese people traditionally exchange "Oseibo", gifts that were once intended to pay tribute to the ancestors. 

For the 2021 Holiday Season, we unveil our guide of Japanese beauty and lifestyle gifts to express your gratitude to your loved ones and those who have helped you during the year. These items are the result of innovative Japanese craftsmanship and have all been designed with the same philosophy: to bring joy with every use and for many years to come.



She loves to take care of her skin, she is passionate about traditional Japan and its ancestral beauty rituals? She will surely be won over by the ancestral beauty elixir Eau de Ki, a Bizen moisturizing soap with organic wholegrain rice, a cleansing brush whose bristles of unparalleled softness are hand-refined by Japanese craftsmen or by our selection of traditional beauty accessories such as exfoliating silk cocoons and natural Konjac sponges.

Does she have a passion for finding new beauty nuggets, collecting serums and niche beauty products? Impress her with the Slim Cera, the 2.0 beauty roller that rejuvenates skin hydration and elasticity, or the IRÉN Skin Vaporizer, that, with a single button push, is able to transform serums, lotions, sunscreens and even liquid foundations into a super fine mist that penetrates deeply into the skin. These two innovative beauty tools will definitely bring a touch of modernity and innovation to her daily beauty routine.

She swears by organic products and enjoys practicing holistic beauty rituals and mindfulness self-massage? Offer her a daily moment of relaxation with a Gua-sha massage stone associated with a massage oil certified organic such as the RUHAKU Cycle repair oil or the iconic elixir from SHIGETA, a perfect synergy of precious oils macerated for weeks in crystal, emerald and sapphire. Combine it with a silk eye mask made from 100% pure 22 momme silk, a palo santo and a white sage purification set or a herbal face steam.



In this selection, we invite you to discover some Japanese gems to introduce your loved ones to the Japanese art of bathing and relaxation.
In Japan, bathing is much more than a mere hygienic act: it is a moment of real relaxation, beneficial to overall body health. After the skin purification step with traditional scrubbing brushes and towels, come the relaxation and purification of the mind, immersed in a warm bath with bath salts and infusions of fragrant flowers.



In Japan, incense is considered as the most elegant gift. Whether it is natural or carefully crafted by the artisans of the Japanese imperial family, it creates an out-of-this-world space that is perfect for relaxing during a reading or meditation session.
Introduce the people you love to this ritual with some of the most refined incense from the century-old house KOHCHOSAI KOSUGA and incense holders from SUMITANI. Fill them with wonder with the olfactory poetry of HA KO incense leaves. Let the sacred scent of Hiba wood float through their interiors, whose purifying and uplifting fragrance is reminiscent of the smell of Japanese sacred places.



Do you prefer a box already packed with the best of Japanese beauty and lifestyle ? We have created two boxes in collaboration with the beauty expert BEAUTYLICIEUSE. Each box includes skincare products for body and face, wellness products and lifestyle items in a pouch inspired by traditional rice bags.

The BOX DES INITIÉES / €99.90€ (worth €274)

Ritual of layering:
IREN Enzyme powder wash,
worth €28
the ultra soft Bijo; x Alty brush,
worth €55
a MITOMO facial sheet mask with Hyaluronic Acid,
worth €6
RUHAKU ultra-moisturizing cream with Gettou from Okinawa,
worth €45
a Gua 
Sha massage stone in white jade, worth €25
Japanese purification and relaxation ritual :
uka Body Wash Balance, worth €30
uka Body Oil Balance, worth €55
SUMITANI brass incense holder, worth €15
Kohchosai Kosuga Japanese incense, worth €15

The DISCOVERY BOX / €39.90€ (worth €158)

Ritual of layering: 

SHIGETA balancing skin care trial set (cleansing milk, lotion and moisturizer), worth 28

5pcs of makanai exfoliating silk cocoons, worth 9

a MITOMO facial sheet mask with Hyaluronic Acid, worth 6

a Gua-sha massage stone in white jade, worth 25

Japanese purification and relaxation ritual :

uka body wash, worth €30
uka body oil, worth €55
3 sticks of Bijo; Palo Santo, worth €10