Meeting Nicole, Bijo's beauty expert

Introduced to the beauty and well-being world from an early age, passionate about the ingredients study and the understanding of the skin's physiology, Nicole has become a veritable encyclopaedia of skincare over the course of her career. Now, beauty expert at Bijo; she tells us about her journey, her passion and her favorite skincare products for the summer.

Nicole experte beauté Bijo;

1) Where does your passion for beauty come from?

I was drawn to beauty for as long as I can remember. Some of my first memories are actually baths and smells of baby shampoo.

I grew up in very small town in the woods without a lot of access to shops but I was always drawn to the world of aesthetics. I was really into New Wave music and the androgynous looks that artists were wearing in their videos at the time. These images really made an impression on me at a young age and how you can create a persona with makeup, clothes and hair. After that it was always the sensorial side. The smell of flowers, texture of fabrics and that attraction, easily transmitted into beauty and skincare. I loved baths, showers, water, fresh sheets, perfumes, etc. That love and appreciation has never stopped.


2) You know so much about ingredients and innovative techniques, where did you learn and how do you keep yourself informed?

I grew up in a family who were naturopaths for generations in Eastern Europe. I had deep knowledge and appreciation for plants and nature at a young age without really being aware of this because it was embedded in my upbringing.

I started off working in fashion but beauty was my real interest and where I was meant to be. I was working for a luxury beauty brand and I had an accident. I had undergo a very intense surgery and a long period of healing. It was at this moment that I decided to get my esthetics license and also further paramedical training because I wanted to have a deeper foundation in skincare and ingredients.

I was fortunate enough to have worked with some very brilliant people in cosmetic formulation and skincare techniques. The knowledge these people passed down opened you my whole world into how lovely skincare can be when it's done right. I think the reason why I was able to see and appreciate all of those things was also because of the holistic background of my family. I already understood the core concepts of skin and healing.

We live in a very interesting time for the technology available in cosmetic formulations and research into ingredients. I'm very interested in watching this evolution. I don't consider beauty frivolous. It brings joy to life. In a world where we don’t have so much control that I really appreciate this little sensoriel corner that is mine. I like to share that idea of beauty with people. Its a pleasure.

3) Three beauty tips you would like to give to your younger self?

I have so much advice to give my younger self. I did have very good skin care habits at a young age. I was very athletic, ate well, proper skincare and hygiene so I had a good foundation.

I did go through a phase of trying to get a tan. I ended up with some second degree burns instead. So I would say, self acceptance. I’m pale. I don’t get that summer bronze and I can’t be out in the sun like others because I just burn. Beauty is an inside job. So good skincare, self acceptance and being thankful for what you have everyday. All of the little things.

4) What are your five Bijo; beauty essentials at the moment?

- Eau de ki, a foundation tonic. After clean skin, this ia absolutely my starting point. It's really helped to rebalance my skin and to eliminate some of the redness that I suffer from naturally. It keeps my skin very clean and hydrated and the natural fragrance is lovely. I am a fan of packaging and the bottle is so chic. I love using this product. I even use it all over my body when I am feeling decadent.

Rey Tokyo's Serum, which I find absolutely gorgeous. It's a beautiful, simple formula. It provides excellent hydration and a really nice barrier protection with the camellia oil.


Slim Cera has absolutely changed my skin. It is so subtle when you use it. The results creep up and then it is just mind blowing. The science behind why this works is excellent. I won't "Geek Out" on you here because I could talk ad nauseum about why this tool is so special. It's just incredible. There is nothing else like is. He is simply incredible. There is nothing like it.

IREN Enzyme Wash I love enzyme washes. Enzymes are a type of physical exfoliation that work like little Pac Mans. They eat up dead skin cells. It's good for even the most sensitive skin. I use this wash on my face and body. It leaves my skin so soft and prepared for skincare I am applying next.

GOLD COLLAGEN I am at a point in my life where deeper skin, muscle and bone changes are occurring. Metabolism gets slower. I take good care of myself and eat very well.

At a certain point we all need a little extra help. I try to get most of my nutrition from foods. Like most people in today's world I am very busy and I don't always have time to prepare nutrient dense foods. The science behind this beauty drink is excellent.

When I start to feel run down, I do a cure. Usually 30 days. First thing in the morning on an empty stomach. First I feel a change in my energy levels after a few days, then I feel a change in my joints and flexibility. By the 3rd week I can see that my skin is really juicy and glowing. Ive heard that this is a staple in Japan and that most people drink these every day. I think its really smart. Its modern nutrition.

5) Summer is coming, what are you three beauty must have for the summer?

When summer is coming the first thing I think about is how to keep my body and my apartment cool because I'm not very good in the heat or sun. Obviously essentials are lightweight clothing and water.

I love Cokon Lab Blanc Plume Body Wash and Lotion during this season. The scent is a very delicate citrus that's very refreshing. I shower a lot during the summer and the wash is very light and nourishing. The same for the lotion-its so lightweight and absorbs very quickly. My skin is so soft and it breathes with the warmer temptuares and humidity.

The heat takes a toll on my circulation. My legs and feet get very swollen, so in the evening, I do self massage and lymphatic drainage on my legs and feet. I work a bit with my hands but I love the Slim Cera for this. It's extremely effective to remove the fluid in my legs and its so simple that I can even do it when I am on the couch with my dog watching a film. Practically counts!  

Nighty Night shampoo Wake Up conditioner Rainy Walk hair oil


Uka Hair Care. I have a lot of hair, but it’s really fine and it is ball of frizz during summer. I wash it more often. My go to combination is Nighty Night Shampoo, Wake Up Treatment and Rainy walk serum. The shampoo os gentle enough to use daily. The treatment and serum are lightweight and deliver good nutrition and a very nice cosmetic finish.